Standing crucifix - Altenstadt - Romanesque style 4550.S - Standing crucifixes (different Christs’ bodies)

Standing crucifix - Altenstadt - Romanesque style
4550.S Standing crucifix - Altenstadt - Romanesque style
30 †52cm 269.00 €  287.00 €  301.00 €  331.00 €  451.00 € 

Reproduction of the famous Crucifix of Altenstadt (Bavaria) - Germany. Sculpted in the 13th century. The name "The Big God of Altenstadt (translation from German)" takes origin from the monumental size of the Christ’s body of 3.20 metres - 126 inch. The crown of gold instead of the crown of thorns represents the royal and sacerdotal dignity. In this representation we can note the Italian influences of Arezzo (Tuscany).

The first indicated size is referring to the size of Christ’s body from head to toe;
the second size, labeled with †, is the size of the cross.

Christ’s body carved in MAPLEWOOD
The cross is made of ASHWOOD

Size ratio length of cross / base height x width x depth
52 cm - 20 inch / 4,5x20x14cm - 1¾x8x5½ inch

Standing crucifixes (different Christs’ bodies): 1 Wood carving(s)

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