The tools used for woodcarving are still the same

The creation

The tools used for woodcarving are still the same: the chisel and the hammer. Experienced and patient hands manipulate these tools to give shape to and infuse life into the most common raw material: wood.

The sculptor first creates a clay model, which is then carved in wood

Skilful artists from art schools of Ortisei and Selva Gardena carve the basic models: true works of art arising from the creative energy of the individual, always new and different. The shape of these models is cast in bronze to be then reproduced by the pantograph.

Based on the model carved by the master sculptor the figures obtain their first shape The woodcarver finishes the rough-hewed figure, giving his personal touch

The wood from the mountain forests of the Alps is the most suitable one for carving. The trunks are cut into thick wooden boards and then reduced to smaller blocks according to the size of the carvings to be produced.
The wooden blocks get their rough shape by the pantograph which is guided by the skilful hands of an expert craftsman. Those rough models are then refined by hand down to their smallest details.

The final stage of production is the decoration. The carvings are painted by hand, with diligence and love for detail.
The decoration: different finishes

safely packed

The quality of every single woodcarving is carefully checked.
Then, the artistic sculpture is supplied with
the certificate of authenticity and safely packed.

? FAQ - How do I maintain the beauty of my woodcarvings?

! It is very simple to maintain the beauty of your woodcarvings. All you have to do is to dust them with a soft brush from time to time. Do not use any cleansing agent! Furthermore you should avoid placing the woodcarvings in a moist environment or exposing them to direct sunlight and/or extreme temperature changes.


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