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Information in accordance with the Legislative Decree 196/03 (Italian Data ProtectionCode) and the General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/16 (GDPR). Information about cookies

In compliance with art.13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 and the General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/16 (GDPR) we hereby INFORM hat our company Franco Comploj di Franz Comploj processes personal data pertaining to customers, suppliers and persons who voluntarily provide personal details. We also process data pertaining to persons which is collected by third parties, e.g., during capture of external data for commercial information, public lists, etc., the latter consisting exclusively of personal data of a general/common nature and character.

Franz Comploj guarantees within the terms of the statutory provisions that personal data is processed with due regard to the basic rights and liberties as well as the dignity of the data subjects with particular regard to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.

The owner of the data processing operation is:
Franz Comploj, Via Rezia 181, 39046 Ortisei – Val Gardena, Italia,
+39 0471 79 62 72

Aims and purposes of data processing:

  • compliance with statutory duties, duties arising out of regulations, European Community regulations and civil and fiscal law
  • compliance with any contractual obligations to the data subject
  • performing activities in connection with the conduct of the business of our company such as compilation of internal statistics, accounting purposes and maintaining customer/supplier accounts
  • reasons associated with the safeguarding of assets and administration of liabilities
  • reasons associated with obtaining insurance, in particular credit insurance
  • operation of the website

With reference to the objectives listed above, your personal data will, where required, be communicated to:

  • public administration offices and authorities where provided for under law
  • banks with which our company does business for the purposes of administration of assets/liabilities and for financing arrangements
  • all natural and/or legal, public and/or private persons (legal, administration and tax consultancy offices, courts, chambers of commerce, etc.) insofar as required or where expedient in the performance of our business activity and in the manner specified above in pursuance of the relevant objectives
  • companies operating in transportation business
  • representatives and sales and marketing associates for the conduct of business relationships with customers
  • service suppliers responsible for the operation of the website

Personal data processed will not be diffused. Your personal data will not be forwarded to any third countries outside the EU (with the exception of the PayPal payment system and of third-party website cookies such as e.g. Google Analytics Maps etc.)

Data processing may be carried out with or without the aid of electronic or automated means and encompasses all processes provided and required for the respective data processing activity. In every case processing is effected employing all security measures for safeguarding the security and confidentiality of the data.

The Data Protection Act grants data subjects the opportunity to exercise certain rights. In particular he has the right to know what personal data the owner is holding about him and to be given information relating to these. He has the right to know if data is being held about him even if these have not yet been stored. He has the right to detailed information in an intelligible form about these data, such as source and grounds and purpose for processing them, as well as to information about the holder and his obligations relating to their processing. He is also entitled to know the entities and categories of entity to which these data may be communicated. The data subject has the right to confirm his data and to check, rectify and update these, to request that they are erased, blocked or converted to anonymous data in the event that their processing contravenes statutory provisions. He has the right on legitimate grounds to object to the processing of his data in full or in part and to demand that they be erased, blocked or converted to anonymous form. He may do so without statement of grounds if data is used for purposes of commercial information, sending of advertising materials, direct selling or market and opinion surveys. Your personal data will only be stored as long as necessary to fulfill the agreed contractual obligations as well as all statutory duties arising from national, European and international regulations of civil and fiscal law; these statutory duties may cause longer data retention periods.

The data subject or a person appointed by him may exercise his rights by communicating his request to Franz Comploj, Via Rezia 181, 39046 Ortisei – Val Gardena, Italia, +39 0471 79 62 72


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