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Dolomites - South Tyrol

South Tyrol is the northernmost Italian province. Surrounded by mountains and alpine territory, it has a unique charm.

Due to its history, the region also has very close relations with neighboring Tyrol, bordering to the north, and has always successfully synthesized a combination of traditions of the two regions, northern and southern. The "dolce vita" meets zeal, precision with Italian relaxation and a deeper rooting in the motherland with an open curiosity about one's neighbours.

Manufacturing company from Südtirol Alto AdigeIn this very special environment, the mountain valleys of the Dolomites still represent a small microcosm. Not only does the world natural heritage represented by the Dolomites define the rhythms of life with its challenges to survival at high altitudes, but here the traditional Ladin mountain culture has been better preserved than elsewhere.

Bond with the homeland, tradition and faith are three elements that characterize this culture. The wooden sculptures also originate in this context, as the supreme cultural asset of these valleys. Sculptors and painters combine the passion of the southerners with the precision and care of the northerners, thus producing works of art of the highest quality. It is not for nothing that the products of South Tyrol are extremely renowned all over the world and are known above all for their quality and their love for detail.

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