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Only if it says GARDENA ART, then there is 100% Val Gardena inside!

Due to living in a globalized world where products are alike and often only low-cost, mass-produced pieces are on sale, many customers find it important to know the origin of the products they are purchasing and what makes them unique. To facilitate orientation and to identify locally produced wood carving companies, the woodcarving manufacturers of the Val Gardena have created the Gardena Art quality seal. The association of workshops and woodworking companies behind it has existed for approx. 20 years and is known and recognized worldwide. For more information, consult

The sculptures bearing the Gardena Art brand are directly sourced from Val Gardena, where they are designed, sculpted, and painted. These are sculptures of the highest quality whose production has always reflected Gardena Art - 100% Made in Italy - Val Gardena that of ancient traditions and are made and supervised by expert and trained local artists and craftsmen. By purchasing a wooden sculpture with the Gardena Art logo, you can be sure that you are holding a true work of art from Val Gardena, produced with respect for sustainability, with the utmost care and artistic and artisanal attention and in traditional manufacturing as well as social responsibility.

The Franco Comploj company has been a member since the foundation of the association of Gardena Art woodworking workshops and is committed with great dedication to maintaining local production. Each figure and wooden sculpture in the Franco Online Shop respects the founding principles of the association and is an original from Val Gardena. Choose one of these precious treasures of tradition for yourself today.

  Folder - Gardena Art Enjoy 400 years of woodcarving tradition (PDF Adobe Reader)

  Folder - The Nativity Scene - Gardena Art (PDF Adobe Reader)